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I have always had an interest in natural materials, the landscape and its geology and history. I use local clays from the West Country, most of which I dig and prepare myself: red clay is sourced from Dartington, white clay from Newton Abbot and black clay from Dorset. I am inspired by the rolling hills and shifting beaches of the Devon landscape; and the variety of forms and patterns in the sky and land created by the changing light and weather. 


When throwing with different clays the circular motion of the wheel always creates spiral patterns - the traditional method of Agateware. In order to create non-spiral patterns of different clays I hand-build pots using pinch, coil and slab methods. The different clays are mixed more or less at random giving each pot a unique appearance and character. The patterns that arrive serendipitously on the surface of the pot echo the forms of the landscape from which the clay was originally derived.


Increasingly, my interest lies in allowing the clays rather than a layer of glaze to provide surface interest. The tactile un-glazed surface of the pot offers the hand a deeper connection with the material from which the pot is made. My work aims to express the qualities of change, drama and stillness of the Devon landscape using the materials of the wild places themselves.


All the clays I use are fired to over 1200c making the tableware suitable for use in dishwasher and microwave.

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